Saturday, June 6, 2009

I am currently volunteering at YWAM Kruger Park/ Ten Thousand Homes organization. I have been going to Mrs Elizabeth’s to help with the food program. Landiwe was one of the ladies who is helping in kitchen. I started talking to Landiwe and became friends with her. She started to shared her life story with me.

Landiwe is 12 years and lives in Kabokweni, South Africa. She is a beautiful, talented, compassionate loving girl, (who loves God with all of her heart.) When Landiwe Mkhabela was 6 years old her mom Helen Matsebula passed away. After her mom passed away Landiwe went to live with her brother and his wife. Her father lives in another town and does not take care of her.

Currently Landiwe is attending public school and is in eighth grade. Landiwe is a unique young lady who has been faced with many obstacles. Some of the challenges she faces are: she walks an hour to school each day rain or shine, each afternoon she goes to Mrs. Victory’s who runs a food program in Kabokweni. At Mrs. Elizabeth’s, Landiwe gets to come out of her shy quiet shell and becomes a laughing, loving, caring friend to the children. Landiwe assists Mrs. Elizabeth’s with the food preparation and kitchen duties. She has a mighty dream of becoming a teacher where she can Love, care, and mentor young children.

Depend on the voice of God for your needs.
The LORD is my shepherd, I SHALL NOT WANT.

Story by Mangaliso Thomas Njovu
YWAM/Ten Thousand Homes Kruger Park